Is Simulcast supported for Mobile users

Is simulcast encodings are applicable for Mobile Android and ios users as well.

Yes they are supported on the mobile browsers and the mobile apps.

Is iOS simulcast behaves different from Safari web browser as I am able to see the relevant simulcast stream received from Safari but not from iPhone user.

Are you using the H.264 codec by any chance?

Yes, we are using H.264 codec, is there any effect related to iPhone user ?

Yes, simulcast is not supported with H.264.

In H.264, Is it something that simulcast is not supported specific to iPhone?
Because In Web Browsers( Chrome, firefox, Safari) with H264 , We are able to send and receive relevant simulcast streams.

I believe it’s specific to the mobilee client, because the HW encoder doesn’t support it, and we don’t ship a software encoder.

Is there any way to support simulcast on iOS ? If there is a way, with which codec it will work ?

You can use VP8 / VP9, but note they won’t use hw acceleration.

From where can i confirm whether it is using VP8/VP9 or H264 codec in iOS ? Because in my sdp ( Answer sdp), I have seen both the codec VP8/ VP9 and H264 codec.

On the local thumbnail, you can long press and a bottom sheet will show up with connection information. Wait a few seconds and the codec will show up.

We are using the VP8 as the preferred codec in iOS app and even my sdp has 3 FIDs and SIM ( attached below for ref) and still the receiver end it is receiving always 320*240 resolution


Did you fork our app? We limit the send and receive resolutions to 360p on mobile, currently.

Is there any specific reason to limit the send and receive resolutions to 360p on mobile currently ?

Low powered devices suffer. The limit is imposed by our apps, so if you use the SDK you are good.