Is possible restrict feature by client?


I want are restrict feature by client. Say for example if user are conekt with browser I want them no see some featue but user are conekt with elektron app I want them are see every features. How I make my jitsi like this?

Use the iframe API where clients will load the app. And from your code add your logic on that page enabling/disabling based on your own rules.

@damencho thank you for me responde.
What you are say is use iframe for elektron app but what about browser? I want are make that user are join from browser no see something (like for example partesepant list boton, chat boton etc.) but user are join from elektron app are see everything

Same you can make it on your web page people to join through the iframe …

@damencho But how I make it diferent so if user are join for browser he are get different iframe from user are join from elektron? This what I no understand. How iframe are know if user are browser or elektron? And if he are know how he are put different restriktion for toolbar boton user are see? iframe are get controle that are say if browser only show these botons but if elektron show all these botons?

This is your logic to implement, you can use the useragent to recognize the browser or there are libraries that do that.

THank you for me responde