Is org.jitsi.focus.BRIDGE_PUBSUB_MAPPING in Jicofo still supported?


I noticed a property “org.jitsi.focus.BRIDGE_PUBSUB_MAPPING” in Jicofo that maps videobridge JIDs to PubSub nodes. But there is no mention of an equivalent property in Videobridge documentation. The load balancing doc in Jicofo talks about the shared pubsub node org.jitsi.jicofo.STATS_PUBSUB_NODE=sharedStatsNode and org.jitsi.videobridge.PUBSUB_NODE=sharedStatsNode for videobridge. How do I configure each videobridge to publish its stats to the pubsub node of an instance?


To configure pubsub reporting. Here is an example config, you need jicofo config:
# If jvb does not publish stat in 15 seconds it is considered unhealthy and removed from the pool.

And jvb config:
# The statistic interval, jvb will push stat every 5 seconds.