Is my IP address visible for the other participants


Just curios if other users are able to see my ip address when using jitsi.


If you are in one to one call and you are connected in p2p mode with the other participant, both participants will be able to see the remote participant ip address in the local connection info, by clicking ‘Show more’.

Also even when using the jvb connection, by exploring chrome://webrtc-internals you will be able to see the remote participant ip.

If you are using a deployment with p2p disabled or if you enter the conference with link like the following:, the other participant will not be able to see your ip-address.

And of course in a call with more than 2 participants, you are using jvb and the address is not revealed to the other participants.


I think it depends on whether the other side is actively trying to find your IP address. Looking at the code it seems that a client will be happy to accept a session-initiate and spill its candidates regardless of the config option or the use of a jitsi-videobridge session (but I haven’t tested).