Is Jitsi using WebRTC?

I know it’s a stupid question from me, I just wondering, is jitsi using WebRTC to build their own streaming service ?
Actually why am i asking this is because i have a little bit problem with the video bandwith, i need to reduce the video bandwith but i try to figure it out how.


Thankyou so much for the answer,

For the next question, do you have any tips how can we reduce the video bandwith ?

Well its complex subject, lower the send resolution, lower the framerate, lower the bitrate …

Yeah, i’ve tried that but it’ll reduce the video quality.

But we’ve tried to manage it using pagination (tile view users) , turns out it doesn’t affect a thing :sweat_smile: because we just manipulate it with css

Well we signal that to the bridge and the bridge knows you are looking in tile view and sends lower resolution to clients. When you go in stage view, the one on stage is HDm

So by the default when we are on tile view mode it is automatically sends lower resolution ?


Once again, thanks for the answer.

@damencho In continuation with reducing the video bandwidth and reducing the load on JVB, As its a peer to peer call with 2 people unless a 3rd user joins and video-bridge comes into action, Can we have 3 people peer to peer call using WebRTC and switch to JVB when 4th user joins?

Nope, there are no such option and you need to implement mesh style p2p connections … and if you want to preserve bandwidth you need to implement signalling and logic to inform other participants what you are showing and stuff so you can modify locally the tracks or do offer/answers to webrtc to change resolutions for example. You need to implement all the existing logic that the bridge uses, but in a mesh style … you will so much divert from the project that I would say it will be easier for you to start from scratch and implement it your way with pure webrtc… But this is just my opinion.

That’s absolutely correct @damencho. I have already implemented a mesh architecture using WebRTC on an express server where ‘n’ peers can participate. I was thinking of using this express server in adjacent with JVB. So if we have 2-3 people in the call, the mesh network will be used and if more users are present JVB will be used. The most difficult part would be switching to JVB when 4th user joins. It’s just a thought.