Is jitsi the right thing for my project

Hi all,

I just stumbled over jitsi when reading about WebRTC and it’s limitations.
I’m planning a web application where I will have a single conference at the same time with a single broadcaster (video + audio) and up to 200 viewers.
In the future we plan to have more than one ‘conference’ at the same time. Let’s say 5. Each one having the same constellation: One single broadcaster and up to 200 viewers (maybe also more viewers in the future).
Is jitsi the right solution for my purpose? Is it designed to handle this kind of constellations or is it more designed for many conferences with less users at the same time?

Would be very grateful for answers.


Will there be interaction with viewer? For example a viewer will speak or share their screen etc…

But at the first glance it seems to match

Hi emrah,

thanks for your answer.

No interaction. Only one person broadcasting video & audio to X viewers.

Then this seems like a live streaming project which is easier than to design a Jitsi with big rooms (many viewers in a single room).

In my opinion, you need jitsi + a livestreaming system.