Is Jitsi supported on Windows platform?

Hello team,

Is Jitsi supported for development in windows platform ? I am trying to run the code in Windows 10 but could not do it.

FWIW I’ve done some customization on Win10 for my Jitsi server (running on Ubuntu). It required downloading Jitsi source and compiling before my changes could be usable. (To compile Jitsi you first need to run npm which installs several hundred node.js modules. Fortunately it’s pretty much automated. Still a pretty impressive set of dependencies.)

So I assume Jitsi development could be done on Windows, however before reaching definite conclusions I advise waiting for some actual Jitsi developers to chime in.

Can you share the customizations that you have done please?

Sure. Some customization is via settings in /usr/share/jitsi-meet/interface_config.js and add/modify prosody modules.

But I also wanted to change some text on the landing page. AFAIK the only way to do that is modifying the source code and compiling.

The text is contained in .json files in the /lang directory. The primary file is “main.json” (in English, translations are generated from this file). I edited the particular lines I wanted to change and saved the modified “main.json”. (To eliminate a line altogether, needed to substitute " " for the original line.)

In the top level directory of the source I entered “make” and let it do its thing. (If node_modules are missing the make command prints errors and message re: running npm to install them.)

When it was done I copied “libs/app.bundle.min.js” and “libs/” to /usr/share/jitsi-meet/libs on the server. After restarting jitsi (coturn, prosody, jicofo, videobridge) the “new and improved” landing page looks like this:


Hardly earthshaking but suits my purposes.