Is jitsi support LTI integration with Canvas LMS?

Hello Everyone,

I would like to check if Jitsi is LTI compliant and can be integrate with LMS (Learning management system) like Canvas?


Resurrecting an old thread but there is lot of interest in Jitsi lately in the education arena.

Yes, Jitsi can be LTI integrated with any LMS using JWT authentication method. We have done it with Canvas.

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thanks for information. it would be great if you can more information or any document reference

You will need an intermediate platform to generate serve Jitsi via the api. On that platform you will need LTI libraries that will function as the LMS tool provider i.e. video conferencing.

So, there are two main components: 1) JWT authentication that the intermediate platform will use to interface with Jitsi and 2) LTI libraries to connect to the LMS system.

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Thank you for quick information. i am almost new to this one, if would be great help if you can share any code reference or more document
thanks in advance