Is jitsi suitable for our needs?


I represent Belitsoft - a software development company. We have a potential client, so we are looking for a video communication service that we can integrate via API using WebRTC technology.

The idea is this: the client has a business in Dubai for sports clubs and their visitors. Due to the pandemic, they want to conduct sports classes online through their platform. Coaches will be on one side and demonstrate how to do certain sports exercises (yoga, fitness, etc.), and on the other side - visitors who will repeat exercises after the coach.

MUST service requirements:

  1. At least 10 people must be supported in a single video conference. 20-30 would be perfect.
  2. The system must support dozens and hundreds of video conferencing at the same time. (Question: How many licenses and integrations are needed?)

NICE TO HAVE service requirements:
a) The coach should be able to see visitors in order to give them feedback and answer their questions.
b) Visitors can ask questions by voice.
c) Chat
d) Visitors may be able to see the coach only

Does jitsi meet these requirements? If it does not satisfy some requirements, then which one?


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There is no such thing as licenses. You take it and use it. Just mind that you will need tweaks, like having separated bridges from the core server so you can handle load and such. There is a lot of information you can find in the forum.

This is video conferencing so everyone sees everybody. So this is not satisfied.

I am hosting yoga classes for around 15 people daily and the response is very good, people are happy with the low latency sound and video.

What you want to do is definitely achivable. I have slimmed down the user interface so that it work ok for mobile users using the web-browser directly.

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a - c) yes … supported (standard)

d ) no … no such functionality by default (only a “follow me” option, where ppl can switch view regardless).

  1. maybe some ways by using the external_api ? … page logic customization … like two different pages (1 for the coach/moderator + 1 for visitors) and both use specific configurations for external_api, in combination with right server side settings … just an idea, no guarantee that it works, depends on your use-case in detail

  2. alternative way over channelLastN parameter/confinguration ?

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If your client is in Dubai, you need to check their firewall settings to be sure. I tried using Jitsi with my friend in Dubai and he was not able to participate in the meet due to their locking the ports used for VoIP and video calling.

There are a few approved software providers who are allowed to provide VoIP and Video Calling solutions across UAE

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yes you can check out the benchmarks here: