Is Jitsi recommended for an school?


Is Jitsi recommended for an school? We need 5 rooms with 20 students in each one.

How much RAM and Processor’s cores we need for this?, we will get a dedicated server

Thank you very much.

Jitsi can be used by anyone. It’s your wish list that decides if Jitsi is the right solution. Because you can customise Jitsi to your needs it’s perfect for schools or other organisations.
Instead of dedicated server I would recommend to use a vps. You can test with a small server and if you need more capacity it’s easy to scale up.

The hardware is not the main issue. It seem you should be able to manage your need with a single server. You will need a good Internet connection.

Some organizations have large installs which are public and can be used for free. Perhaps you can contact their administrators and ask for such information. Two examples:

My experience is 50Mbit for 10 participants (1 meeting) working fine. CPU is Core i3-540 (2C/4T, 3.06 Mhz). Keep in mind this is with FHD/720p video for ALL participants.

In a classroom environment you can have fine control on everyone’s video quality, even start the meeting with video and audio disabled for everyone. Self-hosting will give you greater control.

I disagree with MagicFab. The specifications of the server ARE important. Especially when you want to use it with over a hundred users at the same time. The server has to process all the video and audio (and maybe files and chats).

About the server specs from a friend: a vps with 2 cpu’s, 2 GB RAM and 7 people performed well. The cpu load wasn’t over the 40%.

Thank you for all information.

I want to install jitsi for can host school’s conferences. In this school we will need 30 rooms with 20 students each one simultaneously.

I will try with dedicated server with 64GB RAM and Processor 6 cores - 3.6GHz. I think can get 1GB/s or 2GB/s in bandwidth.

Do you think this is enough?.

Other question: Can we create accounts in Jitsi for each student to enter with an account and password?. I won’t the random people join to school’s conference.

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I clearly wrote it’s not the main issue. 5 rooms with 20 users is a small/medium setup. 30 rooms with 20 students each will require significant bandwidth, I would suggest watching the videos about scaling and load balancing on the Jitsi YouTube channel.

I also found this documentation on scalable installations.

Test and measure, start wtih few, smaller groups, observe resources used.

Make it clear when you setup test meetings the participants know about it. Otherwise they may just refuse t ouse it later on.

Instead of creating 60 accounts maybe it’s easier to use a token. You don’t have to login and when the teacher logins in using the link (with token) he/she can decide to put a password to the room or just leave it.
With the token you can define how long the token is valid. And people can use the room only when someone with the token has entered. So you can’t just guess the other rooms. Even if you can, you can’t use it untill someone with the token enters.


Thank you very much. I will create script for manage users and tokens since panel.

I can integrate PHP in Jitsi code? or only work with Java?.

Have nice day!

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@jitsuser can you suggest documentation or more information on using tokens ?