Is "Jitsi Meet" high security IT system compatible?


I am a project manager in a french IT company and one of our very important client would like to add some conf call tools to their SharePoint website.

We currently are doing a research in order to find the best tool to match their needs, and it seems that Jitsi Meet (+ RocketChat) could be a fine duo.

But they (our clients) have many (many) security constraints (I can’t go much into details), and basically, the tool we are going to propose needs to check a long list of security verifications.

My question is very simple (but the answer might be difficult for you to answer) : is “Jitsi Meet” matching all the verifications indicated in the PDF of this French government page (it’s in french) ? :

If you could answer that, it would be VERY appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you all and best regards,

@hkhait do you have details on the subject?

@Vince I cannot find the list of requirements nor do I understand French, but there are parts of the French government already using jitsi-meet and is a recommended tool … need to find the links to post them here …

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Hi, thanks for your reply.

Here is the requirements list :

If you could have those links, that would be very nice :slight_smile:


The security of data and audio/video exchange on Jitsi has been approved by the National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI) but I’m not sure they published an official statement about it.

Today, Jitsi is obviously one the solutions that are recommended by the French Ministry of Ecology and the Interministerial Department of IT (Direction Interministérielle du Numérique) There’s also an official Jitsi-based service hosted by the French administration


Big thanks to both of you (the ANSSI approval statement would have be perfect).

Have a nice day

I am sorry but ANSSI published nothing about JITSI. So as no agreement is published, it has no official approval for usability in high security contexts. In the meanwhile, Tixeo got its CSPN agreement by ANSSI, on June 15th 2021. See Les produits CSPN | Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d'information

Please hkhait, delete your “solution” tag. Your answer is not relevant at all for people like Vince who has very strict constraints to follow.

Best regards.

Thierry who works at ANSSI.

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Bonjour Thierry, et merci de ta réponse.

Tu me confirmes donc que Jitsi n’est pas officiellement compatible avec un contexte “Diffusion Restreinte” c’est bien cela ?