Is jitsi is handling refresh token for JWT users

If I am not wrong jitsi will be doing Authentication during stating of the meeting.
post that it will not validate jwt.

in some cases, refresh happens at the client side and JWT is expired in that case refresh token case is handled ?

If a refresh happens at the client side, it will be handled as a new client without a token.

what if we want to retain the same user?
since we are authenticating a user based on jwt and assigning him moderator rights…
but if the token expires happens then he will be no more moderator right ?

If the token expires and a reload happens you can catch that from the iframeAPI and generate and set a new token.

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Can you explain that a bit more? Does that mean it is possible to regain moderator rights after rejoining?

If you have a valid token while rejoining, yes…

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If you are using iframe API there is no issue. You can reissue new token with same permission, name and other details.

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@kkd can u please explain that process little bit …
How to capture session expired and issue new token.

Thanks in advance.

I need more info.
I think you are accessing your Jitsi server directly and adding jwt in url.
Which means when you are sending joining link to user which has jwt in the link.
Is my understanding correct?