Is Jitsi Desktop is still an actively developed product?



I would like to know if Jitsi Desktop is still developed: like integration of new functionalities and improvements. Or it is just maintained with the rythme of libjitsi or fixes?

I’ve looked at the activities on github, seems more like it is just maintained.

Thank you


Hi Arthur,

currently Jitsi Desktop lacks any contributors. The last thing we did is integrating openh264, but we didn’t do a release as Ingo had some pending issues. But since then (1 year ago), there was no movement. And currently builds are disabled as we are also missing certificates for the windows builds.
We are still using some components from it in jitsi-meet, like jigasi doing sip to xmpp calls, but those changes mainly go in the smack-4.2 branch.

This is the current state, hope it answers your question.


Thanks Damian,

As far i understand, the project is not abandoned or something like that, just has no new developments.