Is jitsi capable running call ON and ON?

Hi Jitsi Ninjaz,
I was wondering how much ability is jitsi have :slight_smile:
Suppose, we have a platform where we want to run jitsi call 24*7 for years and years without any break. some of the systems will have always video ON approx there will be 10 - 30 users on call. Is it possible to using lib-jitsi-meet?

I hope to hear from you guys soon.

Are you asking about Any anycase we cannot guarantee calls longer than 6 hours.

If you are asking again about, using there just lib-jitsi-meet is not covered in the terms and conditions of the service, so this is not possible.

Your own deployment, you have control over it and it is up to you.

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thanks @damencho, let me delete my comment

@damencho thank you so much for a quick reply, I really appreciate how you guys care to answer fast.
About my development server, we will be using the standalone lib-jitsi-meet library with our custom UI.
our servers are powerful full but still, will call run for 24*7 and for months and months without a break? using library lib-jitsi-meet with custom UI

Yep, in case of network problems on the way it will reconnect or reload. Make sure you test those and handle it in your UI.

thanks, @damencho Yes there are some network problems I will add some code to reconnect.
well, this is clear thank you for the answers :slight_smile: