Is Jitsi authorized in China?

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For an internal event, I embed an in my website. However, can my co-workers in China access the video and audio stream in my website ?

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I have the same question.
I tried form a cloud server hosted in China (alibaba) using the demo at but i can see only a white page. I don’t know if there is a issue with the chinese firewall or a problem with the server that has not cam and phone.

There are GFW problems in China.
You should not nest foreign websites, but build jitsi by yourself.
If you have any questions on the way, you can ask me, friends from China


I have self-hosted Jitsi on AWS. It appeared that participants from China are unable to connect.

Can you help ?

@damencho any thoughts ?

if from china please open url call me

I’m not from China. We have our Jitsi hosted in European region of AWS. There are participant from China unable to access our sites.

Chinese Government will require commercial Chinese ISPs to block TCP ports 80, 8080, and 443 by January 11, 2018. Port 80 is of course the TCP port commonly used for carrying HTTP traffic; 8080 and 443 are used for carrying HTTPS traffic. Commercial ISP customers interested in maintaining access to those ports must register or apply to re-open the port through their local ISP.

Is it because of the above article I came across ?

I don’t think it has anything to do with it

Thanks. Will look into it.

Hi @daxiondi,

We are using Jitsi as an iframe. Users are getting white screen.

So is GFW doesnt allow iframe ?

Page structure is:
Webpage -> includes a php file -> includes jitsi iframe

Please let me know if this is a problem.

Also when we try to access the domain directly its showing white screen as well(i.e.

Will moving the AWS instance to China help ?