Is Jirecon still functional?

I know that Jirecon hasn’t been updated since the last 5 years, but I was wondering if it’s still possible to install it and record separated streams with it.
Jibri is great but we’d love to be able to get each streams from our participants available as video file for further editing.
Could someone tell me if it’s still possible?


sorry no clear answer, learned of the existence from you, on a general point of view there is no chance that a so old (4 years!!!) software could still work (obsolescence is about 2 years these days). All forks are about as antique, however there is this github repo that is not a fork but an import into a fresh repo and was updated less than 6 months ago, it would be a better bet IMO.

The provided link is pretty good, they have enhanced/packaged/built from the archived jirecon project. But how feasible to use it as it was once archived by jitsi team?

And are there any other methods that we can hold of individual streams to record?

Jirecon is no longer supported, and getting it to work would not be a simple task.

Could you please suggest the way to procure individual streams… It will be really helpful.

Is there any other way to record individual streams on the JVB?

I need individual stream recording too.
It’s sad that jirecon was abandoned.

Same here…


phone error…