Is jibri required for livestreaming?

We are currently trying to bring in youtube & facebook livestream feature inside our jitsi-meet application. Can it be done without Jibri?

No, not natively.

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So there’s no best solution other than jibri? Am I right?


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If you just want to livestream a single participant (i.e., a presenter), it’s also possible to initiate the stream from within OBS (GitHub - obsproject/obs-studio: OBS Studio - Free and open source software for live streaming and screen recording). You can compose the to-be-streamed video in OBS then simultaneously turn on its virtual camera and live stream functions. In Jitsi meet, you’d select the OBS virtual camera as video source and the stream will go wherever you’ve configured OBS to send it. Again, it serves only a particular use case and will consume more CPU and bandwidth on the presenter’s end, but it also gives you better control over setting up and transitioning between scenes.

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Is there a better way of implementing Livestreaming in Jitsi without depending on Jibri servers?

Not anything that I know of
But, Someone suggested a solution based on Gstreamer sink

There’s no best solution other than jibri?