Is it safe to use the Off-stage layer suppression feature?

Hey everyone!

Is it safe to set enableLayerSuspension to true ?
This article suggests that the mentioned feature will help save bandwidth and CPU utilization on both server and client side.

Please note that most of our users/participants are using Firefox browser.


We have had very good experience with enabling layer suspension. However, we are currently limiting users to Chrome/Chromium and the Electron app.

It is my understanding (based on comments in this github issue) that simulcast is not yet enabled for Firefox ESR releases (which is 68.8.0 as of the time of writing). Layer suppression won’t have any effect if FF ESR is used. AFAIU, Firefox from the rapid release channel should support simulcast with Jitsi Meet as of FF version 76 but I do not know how well layer suppression works for FF 76+.

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Great! Thanks for your detailed response.