Is it possible toggle the room audio on/off just for the local participant using IFrame API

I’m working on a project that requires 2 iframes to be in the same window at the same time and I would give the opportunity to any participants to mute at any point the audio coming from one of the rooms just for themselves.
I haven’t found any command/function for the case, and I’m not able to edit via JavaScript the audio and video mute attribute in the iframe since it’s cross-origin.
Is there a command/function I’m missing or any workaround? Or do I need to work with the lib-jitsi-meet API to achieve that?


@AlceoMazza welcome to the community!

Did you try api.executeCommand('toggleAudio')? That should work from the parent page.

If you are trying to communicate from one iframe to another that will require some more advanced design (using sendEndpointTextMessage and endpointTextMessageReceived)

Thanks @corby!

Yes, I’ve tried using api.executeCommand('toggleAudio'), but it’s not what I’m looking for.
It just toggles on/off the participant microphone, but I’m looking for something that locally enables/disables the audio coming from the room just for single participants without having a moderator to ‘Mute everyone’.

Also the iframes are not communicating to each other, I just need to provide a button (external from the iframe would be fine too, no need to be present in the toolbar buttons) for each room that locally mutes it just for who wants.

Edit: to be more clear, I’m looking for some command/function that does during the conference what ‘startSilent’ in the config settings does at the start of it.