Is it possible to use xmpp server as an authentication system for jitisi meet

I was wondering if it is possible to use an xmpp server like openfire or similar as an authentication system for jitsi meet. People will be able to Register and login on jitsi meet, but the authentication will be done by the xmpp server.

If yes, how can i do it?

I suppose it can be done, you just need a prosody module doing that, not sure openfire has such fun functionality exposed.
There are several authentication providers coming with default prosody installiotion you can use their code for inspiration, or some of the community auth modules

Is there any place where I can find modules created by the community?
I was referring to this form that page: " There are also a number of additional providers in our community module repository."

When I run apt install prosody-modules Does it install all the 325 modules I see here?

No idea.