Is it possible to use jitsi server in a intranet without internet connection?

Is this possible to use jitsi in intranet connection. So that no other network can able to access it?

Yes this is possible.


Hello Damencho

Can you please explain in a step by step manner how to bring up the Jitsi set up in a server and how to use the services (video and audio calls) without internet ?

Will the server have internet for installing, if so just follow the quick install. If not, then download all the deb files and do dpkg -i *.deb. Here is an example of the latest deb files that needs to be installed, they have a lot of dependencies and you will need to find those one by one, I cannot list them:

[DEB] jitsi-meet_1.0.4143-1_all.deb                  2019-12-11 03:43  2.7K  
[DEB] jitsi-meet-prosody_1.0.3765-1_all.deb          2019-12-11 03:37   26K  
[DEB] jitsi-meet-web-config_1.0.3765-1_all.deb       2019-12-11 03:37   13K  
[DEB] jitsi-meet-web_1.0.3765-1_all.deb              2019-12-11 03:37  5.1M  
[DEB] jitsi-meet_1.0.4142-1_all.deb      
[DEB] jicofo_1.0-514-1_amd64.deb
[DEB] jitsi-videobridge_1126-1_amd64.deb             2019-10-04 15:21   29M       

Thanks Damench for the reply !

While installing jitsi on the local server, we will have access to internet. Once jitsi is installed and running, we want to make conference video and voice calls without internet. We tested this and we were able to make video calls but it was using internet and we were not able to do the same without internet . I just wanted to ask if it is possible to make video calls (once jitsi is installed on the local server) without internet ? If possible then what is the step by step procedure to achieve this functionality?

What are the errors you see? What does not work? Does the clients has access directly to the internal ip-address of the bridge?

we are using jitsi meet so the client is a web browser and yes they can directly access the jitsi-meet server ip. We have all client devices connected to same network. With internet we are able to have multi video conference. Without internet we get error while logging into the conference in the browser.
We get jetsi initial webpage but once you enter inside the conference room you get connectivity lost…

This needs more information to be able to tell. Information like js console logs of such a browser session and also open chrome://webrtc-internals before opening the page and on the two tabs that will appear after joining, get the last setRemoteDescription content and attach it here.
I’m talking here only about desktop browsers, as mobile is harder to debug.