Is it possible to use Jitsi + Jibri for large no of streamings .ie one stream per meeting?

Using jitsi and jibri in separate instances i was able to do two told one stream per meeting i am able to do 2. Jibri server get crash after 2 stream.
i have created jitsi in my own server using Self Hosting Guide -Debian/Ubuntu Server.

I have created jibri with the reference below:

AWS instances used is t2.large : 8 GiB of system memory and 2 vCPUs, for each instances.

what might be max number of jitsi meeting room i can create?

What might be the best solution and how to use jitsi for multiple streaming any help will be very helpful.Thanks in Advance

Not sure I fully understand your setup. Are you saying you have one AWS instance hosting 2 docker installations of Jibri? Either way, 2vCPU is not sufficient to run Jibri in its default state, you need at least 4vCPU - and that’s for one Jibri instance.

I have added 2 aws instance one for jitsi and another for jibri.For jibri instances i have run 6 jibri using docker jibri1_1,jibri2_1 like that.
if i required to use 4vcpu i might upgrade my jibri instance t2.large to t2.xlarge what is max no of streams i can do any idea?
and how to add auto instances of jibri per requirement ?
Thanks @Freddie for the response.

In its default state, you need about 4CPU/4GB RAM (preferably 4CPU/8GB RAM) for each Jibri instance. So, even if you’re running in a docker environment, each docker container should have similar specs to ensure error-free recording.

using (preferably 4CPU/8GB RAM) what is the max number of meetings along with the streaming and what are the limitations.i required at least 100 concurrent meetings and streaming at the same time.will that fit with this 4CPU/8GB RAM setup ?

That spec is for Jibri alone, running it in its default resolution. Jibri can only do one stream/recording at a time. If you have another instance running Jitsi alone (JMS), you can host 100 concurrent meetings on 4CPU/8GB RAM so long as you have adequate bandwidth and each meeting is only 1-to-1, or perhaps not more than 4 people in each meeting.

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