Is it possible to stream JSON data through WebRTC next to video and audio?

Hi there,

I’m new to the forum, so excuse me if I failed to categorise my question.

We’re looking to use the low level API to enable Meet-like functionality in a 3D website.
Since we need to stream the “position” of players, is it possible to do that through Jitsi?
We will need to stream regular JSON data through WebRTC.


You can use our bridge channel to send arbitrary data across 2 peers. Are you using lib-jitsi-meet or the iframe API?

We haven’t started implementing anything. Just wondering if that was possible.
Which one do you recommend for our usecase?

It is possible them.

If you want to fully build your own UI, then lib-jitsi-meet, if you’d like to embed our existing UI, then the iframe API.