Is it possible to show waiting knocking participant list in Lobby room where the participants are waiting to join?

For a lobby room, we know that the moderator can see the waiting participants list and can Allow or reject them.
What we want to do is we want to show the knocking participant list to lobby users also, so that anyone who is waiting to join the meeting can also see other participants.

I have printed in the browser console,['features/lobby']

those waiting users not getting knocking list and lobbyEnabled variable also set as false.

{knocking: true, knockingParticipants: [], lobbyEnabled: false, passwordJoinFailed: false} = $1

Can anyone please help, it would be a very important feature for us to let waiting users show other eager waiting members.

That will not be possible without changing Jitsi-meet source code, specifically the Prosody lobby module. The lobby users have been hidden from each other, no doubt for privacy reasons.

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Thank you for the clarification, so if want to change the Prosody module need to change in
mod_muc_lobby_rooms.lua file? can you please tell which logic should be modified.

it’s the presence handling; this said, I have absolutely no idea if, where, and how the Jitsi-meet Javascript code should be changed to reflect the changes in Prosody module. All I wanted is to warn you that just writing against lib-jitsi-meet was hopeless.