Is it possible to set the meeting creator as admin for every meet?

Shouldn’t it be better to set the one who creates the meeting as the admin for the meeting?. thereby, the host of the meeting can mute or shut off any user he/she like so.
It will be hugely beneficial for the meeting to be organised. Don’t you guys think?

This is the default behaviour when you install jitsi-meet. But this has its problems, what if moderators network goes down and moderator reloads, than a new moderator is elected …
For anonymous deployments without authentication the solution is everyone to have those rights …

No, Not everyone should have the rights. Only the host of the meeting should… Only then the meeting will be organized, if each one gets the right, it will be messy. But I don’t think that this is default in jitsi.,

Default when you install jitsi-meet is the first to join is moderator, and if the moderator leaves/reloads a new one is elected.

Actually I use jitsi meet server in my android app, I do not see that anywhere in my android app. , A