Is it possible to send message to a user that is part of a MUC from another MUC?

I am working on developing the breakroom feature for the conference on my self hosted jitsi meet.
As part of the breakroom management, I am trying to let users to send messages to the moderator from the breakrooms. Currently, I am doing this by bringing the user to the main room where the moderator is present and then sending the message to the moderator.
Is there a way where the user can send a message to the moderator without joining the same room as the moderator?

I tried to send a message using the full JID of the moderator. But it never reached the moderator.

Note: I am using jwt token authentication for the users.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

How did you checked it? Private messages are being delivered when you send it to the connection full jid.

I added a handler to the xmpp connection to receive any communication of type “message”.
Moderator is able to receive any message sent to him by any user from within the same room as the moderator. But no message is received by the same handler when a user from another room sends a message to the moderator.

I am using the full JID which is of the format: “room@service/nick”
I get this id from the variable “myroomjid”. Is this the correct full JID for the moderator?

You cannot send a message to a room participant to its room jid if you are not participant in that room.
But you can send a private message to its connection jid, you need to take it from connection.jid

Thanks @damencho !!
I tried to send message to the following jid:

Is this the “jid” that you are referring to?

Never mind!! I was able to receive the message.

Can the moderator can send a reply back to the entire room through the roomjid as well without joining the room?

Yep, its the same as


Thanks a lot @damencho !!

So I assume there is no way someone can send a broadcast message to a room without joining the room.

Thank you very much for your help and the continued support for this amazing product!!


Thank you!!