Is it possible to run jitsi-meet in ReactNative (0.57.6) App?

Dear jitsi team , i have an ios app build with react-native (0.57.6), is it possible to run jitsi-meet in my app? which sdk version should i use ? thank you

React Native Version - 0.57.6
Xcode - 10.2

Hi there, and welcome to our community!

Yes, you can. You can use the latest SDK no problem, but you’ll need to update to Xcode 11. In addition you’ll need to wrap the JitsiMeetView so you can use it in React Native.

hello saghul
Are there any tutorials out there that help newbies like me how to go about using the ios SDK and how to import it to xcode. I was able to cocoa it but then got stuck on how to continue. I see you teaching and explaining online about your work. Do you happened to have videos that actually show how to go about the SDK implementation ?