Is it possible to run jitsi behind a level 7 application gateway?

I’ve been drowing in blog posts, docs, etc. trying to find the answer to this question.

  • I’ve found how to run older versions using the TCP port on the videobridge
  • I’ve found how to run a turn server on port 443 and multiplex through nginx based on the ssl handshake

But I’ve never found a single post negating the possibility of running a jitsi instance only using the HTTP(s) protocol.
I need this setup to meet a requirement from a CISO, or some documentation stating that it’s impossible.

Thank you in advance.

If you have a working TURNS server, it can run only using HTTPS but this is not an efficient way to run jitsi

I’ve found how to run TURN with TLS, but that’s not https. By the way, the only mention to https on the documentation I’ve found is for the management interface.
But thanks for your answer.