Is it possible to programmatically determine if a room is being occupied? (without connecting)

We are a community of researchers in neuroscience and different groups of people are using jitsi for various projects (thank you for jitsi!!!). I would like to have a webpage that could show with a green light or something which rooms are currently being occupied. Is it possible to check programmatically if a room at has people connected to it, but without actually connecting? Something I could check with a GET, or using curl…

thank you!

Nope this is currently not possible, and will not be possible as this creates a security problem retrieving room names.

thank you! here it’s always the same rooms that we re-use (like 10 different ones). I’d only be checking for these rooms where I already have the name (not looking for a list of all rooms…). Is this a security problem anyway? (because I could just connect normally using the iframe api and check if api.getNumberOfParticipants(); is > 1…

You will be checking yours, but others can be checking the rest.
If you want such functionality that belongs to your own deployment, where you can protected with token and shared key, but this cannot be added on public anonymous server.
You can use this module:

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I’ll check that. Thank you @damencho!