Is it possible to prevent guests from creating a room?

Hi, all,
We have a self-hosted server which is secured by token. We would like to invite someone who does not have a token to be able to join a created room (users with token create the room and join it), but we do not want someone without token to be able to create a room.
I have already figured out the guest part and guests are able to join rooms, but they can still create room. Is there any way to prevent users without token from creating a room?
Thanks a lot!

Sure, you must secure your domain and allow guests to join created meetings.

See this

Thanks a lot. I did follow this article but missed the Jicofo part.
It is now working.
Thanks again!

Well, there is another problem with unauthenticated users:
if all authenticated user leaves and users without token stay, the room will not be terminated.
Can this be fixed as well? Or, which direction should I look into to solve this?
Thank you!

If a guest stays in the room… i supose the meeting is stil on!
They should leave, the room will close itself after a few time everybody leaves. I dont see this as a problem

Yes, the meeting is still going on, but we simply don’t want them to stay. If there is no settings can be done to achieve this, can I write a Prosody plugin to solve this? If so, where should I be looking into?
Thanks for the quick response.

Well… if they are not supose to be there…
“Bye everybody, good to see you all”
kick them ! kkkkk

Huh! That is a good solution. LOL