Is it possible to pass a setting from js to jicofo?

now my url is like : id)?orgname=(orgnization name)
Now I have parsed the URL and store the orgname in redux.
Now I need to store this parameter in Jicofo.

from my understanding, the js code only talk to Prosody.
so I want to know if there is any way to directly pass the URL parameter to jicofo ?

anybody has any idea ?

For organisations we use so called tenants. Every tenant has its own path like and Aaron is adding example configuration and documentation so stay tuned, that will be added this week or early next week to jitsi-meet.
Why do you need that information in jicofo?

We want to add some server-to-server call function in jicofo. during the meeting start and end, the jicofo can send request to other servers.
so we need to retrieve some parameter from web client. e.g. token, keys, username.

I have some thought about it:
add the parameter in http-bind post body and try to retrieve it from jicofo.
not sure if it is possible

Nope, this is not responsibility of jicofo.
Whatever you pass to the bosh connection will come up only in prosody. Usernames, jwt tokens, identity information everything is in prosody. You don’t need to touch jicofo at all.
All you need is a prosody module where you will have all information and can send it to an external http service.
Here is an example I always show:
Listens for different events, collects information and has a hook which can send the collected information to a service.
You have listener there for “muc-room-created” when the room is created and “muc-room-destroyed” when it is destroyed, the last person left.
Here is an example of an http request to retrieve public key:
You can use it as an example how to send information to a server …

thanks I get your point.
Prosody should be a better place to handle the room related event.

those lua are not loaded in prosody by default ?

I don’t see them in /usr/lib/prosody/modules/ folder. I need to add it and enable manually ?

last question:

I know that the room is created by muc.lua in prosody:
function create_room(jid, locked)

the related jicofo code is
private JitsiMeetConferenceImpl createConference(
EntityBareJid room, Map<String, String> properties, Level logLevel)

I don’t which how do the jicofo and prosody muc component communicate.
the http-bind request firstly go to prosody.
then go to muc component and later go to jicofo ? or go to jicofo first then muc component ?

This is a standard xmpp connection using multi user chat

Those modules need to be enabled, every module has different requirements where to be enabled, some are global, some need to be enabled under the muc component, most have some description in the module itself or in the docs folder. You can search and read about modules in prosody docs.