Is it possible to nat to multiple public IP?

We have successfully setup a simple install of Jitsi meet server and works fine from inside our network and from Internet behind NAT with the following parameters:

My request is we have a wan load balance device can NAT to multiple public IP.

Is it possible to setup multiple public address in the parameter.


Nope, there is no such feature at the moment.

Thanks for your reply soon.
So, the only way is to setup another video bridge. Is it right?

Yep, balancing is done by jicofo. Every bridge has its own public address,bor if you put them behind the same you need different ports to be used for every jvb.

OK, Thank you.

Hi Folks, how can a duals stack IPv4 and IPv6 can be configured? As well with different videobridges? Can’t find a suitable documentation.

I need at least one internal and two (1 IPv4 ans 1 IPv6) public addresses, but with no load balancing. It’s the same machine and just a small deployment with about 10 users max.

If ipv6 is available the bridge will use it.

OK, but what is with that:

In my deployment the jitsi system only knows a public IPv4 address, how can I make the external IPv6 known? It’s behind a nginx Proxy.

So it is no NAT, but another form of “filter”. Port 10000 UDP is as well handled by nginx

The media does not go through nginx, it goes directly to the jvb ipaddress, if jvb has ipv6 it will use it.