Is it possible to move active conference from one JVB to another JVB?

Say for example that I have 1 jvb running but its starting to be too loaded and I start another jvb. Can I move some of the videoconferences to this new one?


some idea someone?

There is no mechanisum for that. But as jvb 1 is too loaded, when you start a second one it will take all the new load …

I see… hmmm and just another question,would it work if i stop the first jvb and start 2 new ones, would the load from the old first be distributed to the 2 new ones? Would this work?

Which means , let’s say 5 Conferences are running. And few more users join say 3 of these conference and they use another JVB , but they can still be on same conference?
Or it is applicable for new room only?

Depends whether OCTO is enabled.

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