Is it possible to modify lib-jitsi-meet modules?

Hi. How can I change some lines in xmpp.js? Is it possible? I want to customize muc nickname


yes u can modify it. here is the doc for your reference…basically after you modify just run npm install again to generate lib-jitsi-meet with the modified code…

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How about jicofo?
I added some code in jicofo source code but I can’t saw any changes in jicofo log. Should I run some command like npm install (maybe mvn for java) to build jicofo source code after editing?

yes you have to build from source and deploy the jicofo binary into your server. I am not an advanced java user so I only know a little bit how the building works. here are some instructions on how to build and deploy jicofo from source. u also need to make sure jicofo has correct owner and permission to run. good luck…:nerd_face:

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