Is it possible to limit certain features to role and/or users


I’m wondering if it’s possible to set certain features (e.g. Share Screen, Live Stream, Record meeting, Embed Meeting etc) to either certain roles (e.g. Moderators only) or certain users (assuming there’s some kind of auth)

This would be useful to prevent abuse and to be able to restrict features to make classroom/webinar type meetings possible


It’s possible with JWT authentication

great! do you know where I can find documentation on how to deliver?

If you are using iframe and jwt APi it is easy.
let your moderator join from one url and other users from other url.
Since you will have 2 iframe pages joining to same room. Now you can control buttons and other things using interface-config override

ah, ok understand - I need to do this via iframe - presumably with the options here - rather than having as a server setting?