Is it possible to let the participant upload a static picture of himself for his box in the participants list?

Currently a user is identified by a one or two letter abbreviation in a big round dot. For example, if the participant identifies himself as “Hugo Hirsch” he would be represented by a round dot with HH in it. In the list of participants he is shown with “Hugo Hirsch”.

Is there a means to let a participant upload an image of himself which would be displayed in the big round dot (currently with HH in it)? This probably would be a good means for users without a camera such that the other attendants see, who is speaking (possibly showing the name there too rather than the dot with HH, when he is shown as the current speaker would also be better. A user with a camera is shown by his live image in such a situation (unless when he is presenting something), but live cameras cost a lot of bandwidth.

The ability to upload your own image has been requested, see this bug report.

If your use the Gravatar (non-Free, proprietary) service, Jitsi Meet will lookup your email address there and display whatever avatar you’ve setup. There is also a bug report requesting support of a self-hosted avatar service such as Libravatar.