Is it possible to integrate stronger authentication?

I have setup a jitsi server, but I can’t work out how to strengthen the authentication. I’d like to be able to make sure someone has permission to join a room before they join (a call out to an api, or similar). Is this kind of thing possible? (we’re integrating this for children, so it’s quite key)


You can do this by using jwt tokens. In order for a user to join your service need to generate a token and do all the appropriate checks before doing that.

I looked in to that, but the JWT token appeared to need to be issued by jitsi - so once a token had been issued, then if someone got that token they could enter any room they like. Is that right?

Are you using or your own deployment?
You cannot use with jwt tokens, you need your own deployment for that or using where you control the jwt generation.

I’m using our own deployment at the moment. I don’t know how to do it in there though. I’ll look at the service

In your own deployment, you will need to generate the tokens and pass it to the client API (iframe API or mobile SDK).

You can set an expiration time for a token and restrict it for only one room