Is it possible to install Jitsi and Jibri in same server with 2 GB RAM?

I need to test Jitsi and Jibri recording

Is it possible to install Jitsi and Jibri in same server with 2 GB RAM ?

I just you 1:1 conference only

Hi Ragesh,
Good news and bad news:
The good news:
To run Jitsi for 1:1 conferences you could do with that amount of RAM. See for example where Jacob shows how a 1GB RAM instance is sufficient for a Jitsi Meet server.
The bad news: Recording via Jibri requires powerful hardware: at least 8GB of RAM and four CPU cores on fast Intel (minimum 2nd generation (Sandybridge) i7 or equivalent Xeon, or better). Insufficient RAM and low-to-medium CPU performance will result in failed recordings.
And finally: Installing on the same server is not recommended. Jibri definitely does not tolerate installed graphical user interfaces, so desktop versions of the operating system. There are tutorials on how to get this done, but you would need really powerful hardware for this to work.

Good luck

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thanks for your answer

Also clarify this doubt please

I asked 5 days ago and no reply

Hi Ragesh,
I have answered in your thread.
Hope this helps.
Just one more point:
groups of 35 are a technical challenge. Mediocre or dated student hardware and low bandwidth internet connections, as well as poor internet traffic may result in people dropping out of meetings and coming back in, and thus missing essential bits in the proceedings. Smaller groups works better. For large groups consider streaming via youtube, but communication may then be more one-way instead of highly interactive. Lots of things to consider …
Hope this helps

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wait…jibri needs minimum 4 cpu cores (8 threads)? I thought it was minimum 4 threads (2 cores)

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Depends on CPU performance. Sandy bridge I7 is a slower than reference CPUs i7-3770 or equivalent Xeon.

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thanks for answers

Does Jibri support GPU encoding ? (using nvidia 1080ti or AMD MI25)

I read somewhere it does not. Can’t remember source though.

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I would guess server hardware is usually headless so no interface for NVidia graphics cards. Nobody will have bothered. But I may be wrong…

Actually I just found this post which suggests it can be done: [Solved]Scaling Jibri Contact the author. Good luck.

Yes, it is possible to use gpu encoding with Jibri, we use nvidia nvenc, but it is not supported out-of-the-box, you need to custom compile and modify couple of things. With that, you can lower the hw specs for jibri server considerably.

I feel like i need to remined you: If you are doing 1:1 conferences, you probably have configured jitsi to use p2p, so no video traffic goes to jvb and your cpu load is low. But when you start recording, your conference is joined by another invisible participant, ie. “jibri recording agent”, so your conference switches to regular many-to-many conference and video traffic goes through jvb, ie. your server. Expect to see much higher cpu load than in 1:1. From this perspective, i don’t recommend using same server for jitsi and recording, since recording can eat all of your cpu and can have impact on your conferencing experience.