Is it possible to hide the room name?

Simply disable the RECENT_LIST_ENABLED setting and make it RECENT_LIST_ENABLED: false, then no meeting room is displayed and visible. Then tell whoever you want them to join the actual URL. The meeting room could be a hard to guess pwd. That’s it!

@damencho amencho, can you guide me in finding the file in which I would try to change the code to avoid the room URL to be shown?
This is a must from me, since I am developing for a firm that requires that no participant could share the link (there is pay content in the room).
I was making the changes I mention above to the app.bundle.min.js file but with no effect.
Thank you!

I am not using the index.html page at all, so the room list is never shown to the public.
Maybe I wasn’t clear, but the room link I would like to hide is the link IN the waiting state of a room protected by lobby admittance. Is the link in the page when requesting access to the moderator. It is shown below the Join Meeting notice in the picture above. Tks

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I have found a very simple way to do it.

vim /usr/share/jitsi-meet/css/all.css

.subject-text {

display: none;


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where to configure the API, I’m new.

Can you give me the path where it is configured

Thank you


configOverwrite: {
    hideConferenceSubject: true
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Hola Jose Luis;

Le habla Diego VIllamil, Su pongo que por su nombre hablas español.

Como soy nuevo en este tema me puedes indicar la ruta y el archivo donde debo abregar la linea que indicas por favor.

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Hello Jose Luis;

Diego Villamil is speaking to you, I guess because of his name you speak Spanish.

As I am new to this topic, can you tell me the path and the file where I should open the line you indicate, please.

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Hello emrah

Thank you for your contribution.

It worked correctly.


Diego Fernando Villamil Acero
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