Is it possible to handle 6000 users on jitsi?


we are organizing a huge conference, is it possible to use jitsi for it?

Yes, it all depends on making it scalable with many bridges. is such deployment handling a lot more simultaneous users …

I just wonder why you put a category Jitsi Desktop

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Hi there @damencho , had a slightly similar question on another thread.
So with bridges the volume of people attending a session or the number of parallel sessions (thus total users) could become unlimited?

Yes in theory, just make sure the srver PC can handle this

True @Derek_Owumi; we will monitor performance, and see how it goes once we onboard people. Any recommendation on how many Jitsi bridges servers would be needed for 5 or 6 thousand people live in one event or in parallel ones?

i don’t know but it’ll be 10 for starters

@Derek_Owumi that’s what I’ve seen as the main idea across discussions. Starting with 10 and deploying more should it is required.

YEah, but to get a good theorhetical estimation. get the crashing point of one JVB then multiply divide the number by 6000


150 ppl joined then JVB chrashed

6000÷150 = 40

estimation of 40 JVBs for it to be stable

The challenge is to make it right before it crashes :smiley:
Let’s see. I’ll update you guys once I have news to share.

You will not be able to do 6k in one meeting, at the moment we recommend not going above 100 in a meeting, though people had reported successful meetings with 150 participants.
And for 6k I would say start with 20 and to be safe, do it 25-30.

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is this reffering to JVBs or People?

Thanks, will start deploying. Btw saw the performance figures with the 1056 parallel streams. What was the scenario there; how many participants per stream?

Hello @Diata,

We use the auto-scaling system of AWS for a similar use case (but not that big). The new JVB instances are created automaticly when the load increases and downgraded when the load decreases


Morning @emrah. That would be great. Not that I’m into the 6k viewers case right now but it’s good to know. Especially when you have to handle growing numbers. What’s your specification in terms of viewers and JVS numbers?

We use the outgoing traffic as the resizing criteria, not checked the rooms or participants numbers… We have ~1000 participants and ~10-15 rooms at the peak times. 2-8 JVBs according to the load

Sweet. You mean parallel rooms.
That’s good; I’ll also send an update once we deploy.

Have you configured this?

no, I am in the process though

I am under impression that more jvb can handle more rooms.
Is it true that more jvb can handle one room and more attendees.
Also what about client browsers? Can they support so many users.
I am interested to learn details.

yes, that’s right

see OCTO

It’s needed to limit the active video number. Search for channelLastN

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