Is it possible to get per-conference realtime statistics on the videobridge?

Is it possible to get a message when a new conference started on the server (better via webhook/pubsub)
when a new participant joins some conference
get every N time stats for each conference running
when participant leaves some conference
when some conference ends?:thinking:

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I haven’t needed stats for my setups, however I’ve seen this mentioned previously.

I’d suggest a few starting points:

Also see the Add official support for Matomo #6411 issue report, it looks like it is coming up soon in Jitsi Meet.


Also see :

You mentioned Statistics documentation on the wiki and alike resources. They don’t have any mention of the question I’ve asked. I haven’t found anywhere any mention of “getting conference X started/closed event”, “participant entered/left conference Y event” and alike tasks of per-conference events gathering with not technical side of the conference but organisation side statistics per conference: list of participants, time for each participant spent on a conference, when joined, when left, when turned on video, when turned off microphone, etc

Hey @A_A,

Any update on this? were you able to figure this out?


nope, has to rely on client side unfortunately

Any update on it? I’m trying it out how too.