Is it possible? to embed the video output to a webpage for vistors to view but not participate?

I would like to use an embed code to embed the jitsi meet video output on a web page or in a tweet or a fb post. Where the embed is only the output , not the ability to join. Much like the output you would see when streaming to youtube. I am hosting jitsi meet on my own server so would that be possible in anyway? I thought I could stream to youtube tube then embed the youtube stream to a page, But the problem with youtube and all the other video sharing sites is their censorship and guidelines and trolls flagging your channel. Perhaps live stream it to my own server somehow? Any ideas?

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HI there. I looked at video meet. I cant see any documentation on how to do what I asked. so how does video meet allow me to embed my jitsi video output to an embedable link? To me it looks like its just a seperate video conferencing application . does it turn your server into an rtmp server or something?