Is it possible to configure jitsi for 1:1 conversation?


I want to use Jitsi Javascript api, Jitsi Server and Flutter plugin for my own projects.

But I only want to allow 1: 1 videocalls. In an old project I used the WebRtc Api EasyRtc, video calls were streamed between the browsers and there was a simple node.js server for signaling. Can you configure jitsi accordingly? In my project it would be superfluous to stream the data of the videocall via the server, because that would require too much performance and perhaps also cause unnecessary costs.


It’s possible to limit the number of participants in a room

In an 1:1 communication from browser to browser, is the video and audio data always streamed via the server? Or from browser to browser? My question was no the number of participants.

It is either directly or through a relay server if a direct connection is not possible.
The relay server can be a turn server or jitsi-videobridge.

Thank you

Apologies for hijacking this thread, but I’m curious – in what situation would jvb be used as relay instead of TURN for 2-party calls?

Coincidently, I’ve noticed that in our deployment there are cases where conferences had only 2 participants but network traffic was hitting JVB instead of TURN servers as we expected. Does this happen when clients fail to establish p2p via TURN? Or is there something else at play here?

In case TURN is not configured and p2p link is not possible :slight_smile:

Hum … this means that p2p session failed … and it switched to using jicofo and jvb offers. But why it failed, no idea … here it will be useful to check the client logs for such sessions.

Thanks. This case seems reproducible by a specific user regardless of browser used. User is connects via tethered connection to mobile network so likely a network issue. Will try to get client logs. Cheers.