Is it possible to call the API without actually opening the iFrame? I want to control rooms without actually joining them

It would my life quite a bit easier if I had access to multiple rooms’ APIs at the same time without actually creating the iFrame and joining the room. Specifically, I need to see who is still online and inside each room.

I’ve tried calling the API with a non-existent element but the whole API fails.

Does anyone know if this is possible? Is there some other way I can get a list of all active users in Jitsi Meet?


Can I bump this question? Is there an option?

Why not just use mod_muc_size prosody module distributed with jitsi? Then you can HTTP GET to get room list and then ask individual rooms for list of participants without joining the rooms.
Or there is a thread in forum with modified version of this module that combines both calls into one and returns json reponse with all rooms and participants in each one.