Is it possible to avoid people from recording a call with external software?

I´m planning to give a few conferences via Jitsi but the content is kind of sensitive (NDA stuff) so I wouldn´t risk it if someone starts recording with an external software.
Is there a chance to protect the call from being recorded?

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Unfortunately, it’s impossible to completely prevent people from recording an online conference. They can simply use a screen recorder to capture what’s displayed on screen.


For one of our projects we put a semi transparent identity number (each participant has a unique one) on video. No one shares a recorded video since it’s possible to find out who made it.


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The purpose, security wise, lends itself to some thought about a steganographic approach which would be useful post facto proving the IP origin.
Transparent overlay can by cropped out if they are that keen to thieve from you.
Self defeating if they already have the secret squirrel stuff from the audio + video and do a runner.
It all gets down to that good 'ol hoary issue of trust, enforcing an NDA and vetting the attendees.


I don’t think you can prevent recording, what if one puts external camera in front of screen and record it.


Thanks for your reply, I understand. Thanks a lot!

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Hello Emrah! Good suggestion, thanks!


I recently had a meeting using a jitsi implementation, my surprise was that I couldn’t record the meeting using desktop software, not even using native windows software.
In that sense, I think that it can be avoided, however, I think that the issue is not necessarily about Jitsi.
But what can it be, can it be, the problem is how?

I think what happens is that it doesn’t let me record because I was using the camera, however, and while I was in the meeting I tried to record another tab with success, when I returned to the meet tab it wouldn’t allow me.

On the other hand, someone can always take a video camera, focus on the screen and record, but that’s another topic, protecting that is impossible, identifying the person recording would be an alternative, but that’s another topic (I’m not interested for now)

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