Is it possible to add another parameter in action SET_ROOM?

the action SET_ROOM (base/conference) is used when start a conference.
it use roomname as the only parameter. dispatch(setRoom(room));
I am not very familiar with Redux. just has some basic knowledge.
Now I want add another paramter for SET_ROOM action. e.g. the orgnization name.
so the code should looks like:
dispatch(setRoom(room, orgname));

in action.js:
export function setRoom(room: ?string, orgname :?string) {
return {
type: SET_ROOM,

I have tried to add one but the middleware and reducer cannot get the parameter.

How should I modify the code to let the additional parameter work in Redux ?
e.g. in conference/middleware. how to let the code read the orgname ?
function _setRoom({ dispatch, getState }, next, action) {
const state = getState();
const { subject } = state[‘features/base/config’];
const { room } =;

I’d suggest you keep this metadata in your application. Making such involved changes in Jitsi Meet would mean you have to maintain a fork ad-eternum.

I want to modify the conference UI to display some message which provided by 3rd party application. so the metadata need to transfer into jitsi and update the UI.

those message will come as a parameter of URL. I have modify the URI parser to parse the URL and parameters.
but I don’t know how to transfer it to the conference.js.

You could use the iframe API and display whatever you want over the iframe. Just an idea.

ok thanks for the suggestion~
I will think about it.