Is it possible: Jitst-Meet and Jibri on same server?

Hope everyone’s doing good.
I have a working jitsi-meet production server deployed. All thanks to the community of jitsi.
I want to be able to record videos and save them to my local machine instead of dropbox. For that I need to set jibri
I have a question regarding this,
1- can I deploy both jitsi-meet and jibri on the same server?
2- if there is a full guide can help me to set up?
3- according to installation-notes it is available to set up on my server where Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS installed ?

p.s my server has 53GB of memory and 12 physical cores.

You mean on your own server or your local client machine? For the former you do need Jibri, for the latter you don’t since local recordings use the local browser to record.

I mean my own server I want recording done on my server and save to dropbox so, first, I want to install jibri on my server since I host a one-to-one meeting.

please, can you help me with my questions, thanks


Sure, you can deploy Jibri to the same server as Jitsi Meet. You can follow the instructions on the Jibri README: jibri/ at master · jitsi/jibri · GitHub