Is it possible jitsi in intranet behind dmz reverse proxy?

i installed jitsi in a intranet machine; i want it to be accessible in internet using an apache server in dmz (via revers proxy); is it possibile? or i need to put it in dmz?

the configuration is: internet <-> dmz (apache with reverse proxy) <-> firewall (port tcp 80 and 443) <-> intranet machine (jitsi)

i configured the reverse proxy (apache proxypass and proxypassreverse), but when i request the public url, the url is changed to the ip address of the intranet machine

in intranet jitsi works as expected

thanks in advance

hi, i have the same question. Any body can help?

Hello guys, i have same question. I hope someone can help.

Hello !
+1 same question.

Hello guys,
i wasnt able to make it work in this configuration. I spent on this 4 days.
Today i found this:
So i uninstall apache2, reinstall jitsi and change frontend port of jitsi from 443 to 4430 and NAT all port (4443,10000 and 4430) from my public ip to my private ip of jitsi server.
You have to make changes in nginx config and jitsi config. All is written there: Setup JItsi URL and port
At the end is pdf file with step by step port change.

So here is my solution of this problem if you are intrested :slight_smile: