Is it legal to change Jitsi logo?

I am thinking of changing Jitsi logo with another cutomized.
Is it that legal/possible?

Or is there any other predefined way to do it without affecting it (in the case replacing logo would be ilegal?)

Jitsi meet is under Apache licence, so you are free to see de code, modifier it and use to wherever or purpose.

Jitsi Meet licence on Github

Is Jitsi freeware or open source?
After reading the licence witch belongs to apache
It looks like you have just copied and pasted the apache licence to Jitsi which does not make sense and I do not see anywhere that it is open-source so any modifications have to be added to the licence or you are in trouble?
If I was you I would make a license for Jitsi including saying its open-source because it looks to me like your very very close to freeware, not open source.
There is no mention od Jitsi or 8x8 or open-source which is a bit worrying or am I missing something here?
So if I rebrand the code I could be sued by apache? example replacing logos and changing names.
From a legal side, it does not make sense to me so I must be missing something here?

I would be interested to know if it really is open source or not really because the licence says otherwise.

Many thanks in advance to any clarifications on this.

Apache License is a free and opensource license, approved by FSF, OSI and DFSG (Debian).

It is less restrictive than GPL, the main difference is that it is not a copyleft license - there is no requirement the derivative works to be licensed under the same conditions.

Applying the full text of the Apache License to the code and not making up a new one does make a lot of sense. Almost all FLOSS is using one of the several most widespread licenses. That is one of the reasons the GPL was invented, to help the community with a meaningful and legally sound license text.

I’m not sure you make a difference between freeware and opensource, but Jitsi is not freeware - you have 1) the right to use the program, 2) the code, you can study and modify it, 3) you can distribute it and 4) you can distribute modified versions. This is not freeware.

Here is a summary of Apache License. Please, don’t call Apache License non-free and non-opensource - it’s one of the best known FLOSS licenses out there.

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Hey @MrParadise Jitsi has gone through two acquisitions already and several legal teams had gone through those licenses. So there is nothing more to comment on the subject.


Many thanks for your help damencho :wink:

I wonder why you should change the logo. I do not know about the legality, but I would not do this thing. Jitsy works well without these “updates”. It is the cool alternative for Zoon, especially when many of us have to stay at home.