Is it alright to not update Jitsi-meet?

Is it alright to not update Jitsi-meet? It’s working fine the way it is and i’m scared it might mess up the whole installation if i updated it.

Is is “alright”? Sure. Is it recommend for a long period of time? No. You will get too far behind and miss out on feature fixes and security updates.

If you are serious about providing Jitsi Meet service to your customers you should be proficient enough to update/maintain both Jitsi and the Linux system.

Does this mean you have to update as soon as updates roll out? No. I would not recommend that. I would have a separate environment that mimics production that you use to verify the latest updates work for your needs and no obvious bugs slipped through.

It would be wise to have a post install/upgrade script of some sort that will apply any UI/feature customizations you may have made. Test all this on the separate / non-production environment and when your satisfied, upgrade your main / production environment.